gjusta takeaway

messenger for bag order pick up threw a wrench in my thursday breakfast ritual of easing into the work day - a quick biscuit and cafe con leche to stay with a mushroom bowl and kombucha squash with pesto topping to go. always tasty.  

unnamed specialty dry goods prototype bag out of field use. incubating on what to do.

loving my dosa knit caplet. so good for bicycling the neighborhood.

gjusta lemons


Carolina Jurovic will be showing specialty dry goods in SF at heath market while down state you can find me in LA at echo park craft fair. 2 locations, one brand. join us!

Saturday, Dec. 10, 10a - 5p through Sunday, Dec. 11, 10a - 3p at Heath Ceramics, 2900 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.        

More than 40 local artisans from the San Francisco area will be showcasing their homewares, clothing, jewelry, organic botanicals, gourmet foodstuffs, and more. Plus, experience the newest (and most delicious) addition to Heath San Francisco – the Tartine Manufactory, a creative culinary research, production, and gathering space, from Tartine Bakery co-owners and founders Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson.