veg tan leather baffles

3 years ago (+/-) this prototype bag started out as next image. How does the leather - starting out as unequal tones receiving the equal amounts of light and exposure out in my life - become the same shade of darkness? common sense told me they would remain at varying shades...guess not! 

#specialtydrygoodsstyle #adventuresinvegtanleather #ediekahulapereiradesign

remodelista reposted

dear remodelista...thank you for the post of my nomadic 2 bag in veg tan leather :)

We can't wait to see these designers––and more!––at our annual Remodelista Holiday Market in San Francisco at Heath Ceramics. Seen here: Silvia Song, Edie Kahula Pereira . Specialty Dry Goods, Sarah Kersten Studio and THE CITIZENRY.