Moth holes as a design element

One day a few years back I discovered moths had violently attacked my (years in the making) collection of well-loved sweaters that I looked forward to wearing with the annual temperature drop (beyond LA/CA this means winter). I no longer have a sweater collection, just sweaters to wear. 

Although the moth population has dropped substantially, the selection of sweaters I took on my 3 week visit to London included an assemblage of new holes in obvious places. This after putting most of my woolens in the freezer before taking them to the dry cleaner then storing them in plastic boxes lined in lavender oil. It takes just one of those little fuckers to deconstruct a wardrobe. 

As an on-again-off-again mender and not a knitter nor someone who crochets-- I fill holes with needle and thread. Lately I've been letting the holes be. For some reason when the holes showed up on my muji cardi it really annoyed me. Got out the sewing machine deciding to sew crosses across each hole. Should have left the holes alone. With bad eyesight at night, I made it worse. 



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