Return Policy

Our products are made-to-order.  For this reason, we do not accept returns or offer refunds. If a product is received defective, the product will be replaced to match your original order. No request sto exchange for other products will be accepted.
Please notify us of the defect within 7 days for pre-approved return. 
  • What is considered defective?  A hole  in the leather/material that is not considered a design element.
  • What is not defective?  Leather has natural irregularities of surface and variations in grain. Some leathers/materials have distressed surfaces inherent to the finish used and are considered to be a design element.
As a brand, Edie Kahula Pereira's  aesthetic is handcrafted, somewhat quirky and always wabi sabi. 
  • What is wabi sabi? According to Wikipedia, wabi sabi is in traditional Japanese aesthetics, a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Sometimes described as beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".  Edie Kahula Pereira's goods celebrate this beauty of imperfection. 
  • Important notes on vegetable tanned leather: Veg tan leather is hide that is processed (tanned) using organic materials such as tree bark and other types of plant based substances . Veg tan leather in its natural form is in a sense nude and susceptible to your environment. If you get caught in the rain, rain spots will show. exposure to light and sun over time will darken the tone of the leather as will applying leather conditioner and repellent. Spills and spotting do not wipe off instead contributes to the rich caramel patina of your life. If you are bothered by spots and other character building marks on your veg tanned leather - - perhaps a veg tan leather bag is not for you. That said, veg tan leather is my favorite leather. Its patina is like the living canvas of your life's adventures, each spot a memory.